General Guides

General Guides
[ZU] Guide To Implementing Enterprise Risk Management1.4 MiB179
[ZS] Revised Manual On Concurrent Audit Of Banks1.7 MiB203
[L] A Study On The Industries (Development & Regulation) Act ,1951 (2006)7.1 MiB204
[N] A Study On Drafting, Conveyancing, Stamping 20112.8 MiB218
[ZA] Guidance Note On Independence Of Auditors365.0 KiB247
[Q] Study On Compliance Of Financial Reporting Requirements FEB 2014- Voume II866.4 KiB259
[S] Code Of Governance For NGOs1.3 MiB275
[ZX] Knowledge Booklet Series I - Enhancing Goverence Trough Internal Audit 20141.3 MiB301
[ZV] Standards On Internal Audit - Compendium-20131.4 MiB305
[ZN] Study On Co-ordination Of Internal Auditor With Functional Heads532.5 KiB311
[P] A Study On Compliance Of Financial Reporting Requiirements1.8 MiB327
[V] Clean Development Mechanism & Carbon Credits1.3 MiB328
[ZT] What Is Internal Audit1.2 MiB343
[H] Canadian Advantage1.0 MiB355
[ZB] Guidance Note On Revision Of Audit Report286.1 KiB371
[M] A Study On Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (2006)3.6 MiB372
[W] Doing Business In India669.1 KiB376
[ZK] Manual On Internal Audit2.3 MiB376
[ZI] Internal Control Over Financial Reporitng641.9 KiB378
[ZR] Study On Investigatiive Audits562.8 KiB387
[ZG] Risk Based Internal Audit2.7 MiB398
[K] A Handbook On Valuation Of Intellectual Property646.1 KiB400
[J] A Handbook On Laws Relating To Intellectual Property Right In India239.8 KiB407
[ZJ] Implementing Enterprise Risk Management2.3 MiB426
[ZM] Background Material On Due Diligence1.8 MiB429
[ZC] FAQ On Ethical Issues957.1 KiB447
[ZF] Internal Audit654.5 KiB455
[ZE] Corporate Social Responsibility Audit636.1 KiB458
[ZP] Environmental Audit691.1 KiB465
[I] A Handbook On Anti Dumping, Anti Subsidy And Safeguard Measures459.4 KiB475
[C] Revised Schedule VI - A Practitioners Guide5.2 MiB516
[ZW]A New Era In Internal Audit - Companies Act,2013532.1 KiB524
[Y] Guide To Implementing Enterprise Risk Management2.3 MiB543
[R] Business Planning1.6 MiB566
[ZD] Code Of Ethics Revised 091.6 MiB606
[A] Handbook On Project Financing395.5 KiB744
[ZO] Handbook On Professional Opportunities In Internal Audit1.2 MiB764
[B] Partnership & HUF A Practitioners Perspective 855.6 KiB765
[E] Comapnies Act 2013247.3 KiB821
[Z] Peer Review Manual 2014 Revised529.8 KiB928
[G] Handook On Special Economic Zone - CECL & WTO644.0 KiB1283
[ZH] Manual On Concurrent Audit Of Banks1.7 MiB1375
[O] Study On Benefits Of Preferential Trade Agreements2.4 MiB1459
[X] Manual For Members17.9 MiB1611
[ZQ] Data Analytics And Continuous Control Monitoring4.4 MiB2661
[ZL] Training Material On Internal Audit5.0 MiB3317
[U] Professional Opportunities For Members1.2 MiB3934
[T] Audit Of State Co-Operative Banks1.3 MiB7131
[D] Full Fledged Money Changer FFMC A Practitioners Perspective379.6 KiB9756
[F] Financial Statements2.4 MiB43980